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Compiled by Lisa Tonakanyan
Wednesday, April 13
EUMM still demands admittance of mission in rebel territories of Georgia

The head of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia, Hansjorg Haber stated that EUMM will again demand from Abkhazia and South Ossetia to allow its mission on occupied territories, Rezonansi writes.

According to Haber despite the fact that this mission is not allowed in either of those two territories, the mission's activities are generally quite effective and added that he personally does not expect to enter the mission on those territories in near future.

"If we will compare the situation at the beginning of the conflict it is no doubt far more peaceful. We get some trust in the negotiations process among participants - Georgians, Russians, Abkhazians and South Ossetians."

He underlined that the situation is being maintained thanks to the incident preventions group's meetings.

He noted that movement over the Georgian-Abkhazian administrative border is getting far easier and this is thanks to the Russian border guards as well. This happens despite the fact that the EU does not recognize its presence on the Abkhazian territory as legitimate.

Analyst on conflict issues Paata Zakareishvili says that allowing international organizations to enter de facto territories looks like utopia. According to him, it is not in Russia's interest to allow OSCE, EU and UN missions.

Pre-test for 12th Graders Held in Tbilisi, Georgia

National Examinations Center under the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia is organizing the pre-test of High School Exams, 24 Hours reports.

From April 12 until April 15 about fourteen thousand 12th graders at 326 public schools of Georgia will take the pre-test in 8 subjects. The Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini and the Head of National Examinations Center Maia Miminoshvili observed the proceedings of the pre-test at Tbilisi Classical Gymnasium. During the pre-test the schoolchildren take tasks at Portable Computers. On April 12, from 10 am the 12th graders have the opportunity to take pre-test in Georgian language and literature; later this day they will have a pre-test in Mathematics. The aim of the pre-test is to check the computer system's readiness for the high school exams. On April 15 the schoolchildren will have their final pre-test in Physics and Chemistry.