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Do you think Georgia is under the threat of terrorism?

Wednesday, April 13
“There are a lot of threats in Georgia, but terrorism is definitely not one, at least I think so and I want to think so. We are facing the threat of the economic crisis first of all, with prices getting higher and higher every day. I am most of all concerned with this.”
Lali, office manager, 42

“Any country is now under the threat of terrorism unfortunately. However, I don’t think that Georgia is among the countries which are facing the biggest risk of terrorist attacks.”
Marina, doctor, 50

“I don’t really think so. The media just likes to inflate things. We do not need to talk about terrorism threats, when the people still have not recovered from war-related issues.”
Teona, PR manager, 29

"The region where we live is very difficult and nothing can be excluded. It means that our law enforcement structures must be very careful."
Davit, Historian, 46

"To say the truth for me it is very funny to see what our police are doing concerning those so called terrorist acts. All those, which have been named as terrorist acts were artificial and staged, to my mind. I can't see such threats."
Giorgi, Student, 21

"It is a global problem and I think that each country is under such threat. I am really very scared on the issue as terrorists are almost everywhere. I hope that we will not be among those countries which are the targets of terrorists,"
Gela, Engineer, 34

“No I don’t agree with this idea at all because I can’t see any terrorist threat for our country.”
Nino, IR Specialist, 25

“No I don't think it is. Our country isn't in any terrorist organizations’ interests. I'm totally calm about this issue.”
Sopho, Journalist, 22