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Thursday, April 14
Government Offers Novelty to Business Sector

The Government of Georgia is offering novelties to the business sector regarding tax auditing, 24 Hours reports.

As Prime Minister Nika Gilauri stated, the private sector will have the right to address licensed audit or consultation companies.

By selecting a private audit or consultations company, the payers will be free of the penalties for detected infringements.

Audit or consultation companies having had a license granted to them by the revenue service will be able to audit the private sector.

Gilauri said the initiative will be implemented as a pilot project and after 6 months, all private companies will be able to undergo auditing.

“We want more motivation for the private sector to use the initiative as soon as possible”, Nika Gilauri said.

The market will determine the price of the audit company’s services.

The PM says that several audit companies will be involved in the process.

“The companies will be rivals regarding prices. We don’t determine price”, Gilauri said.

He says that the initiative has been agreed with audit companies.

Christian Democrats demand strict quality control

The faction "Christian-Democrats” will submit to parliament a legislative initiative on enacting stricter quality control on medicines in the near future, stated Magda Anikashvili, the member of the faction of "Christian-Democrats" at their briefing. This initiative envisages the introduction of changes to the Law "On Medicine and pharmaceutical activities”, 24 Hours reports.

The "Christian-Democrats” believe that the current legislation contributes to the presence of falsified medicine on the market. Namely, in the process of importing of the medicine, during its packaging and labeling, the medicine will enter the market automatically if the regulation agency does not inform the importer officially of its refusal within 5 days. According to Anikashvili, the "Christian-Democrats” are requesting that the agency abolishes the automatic admission of medicine on to the market. The Agency shall be given a minimum of 10 working days to get itself acquainted with the documentation.

Magda Anikashvili noted that the time given for verifying the documentation is unreasonable. As a result, there is a high risk that that newly packaged medicine will enter the market after automatic registration.