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Do you think a non-Georgian etnithity person would have a chance of winning the presidential elections in Georgia?

Thursday, April 14
“I don’t really think so. Georgian people have a very strong feeling of their national identity, so I don’t think a non Georgian person would have a big chance to become the leader of the country.”
Keti, PR manager, 37

“If that person would be sincerely willing to make Georgia a successful state, then why not? However the problem is that most politicians are no longer trusted in Georgia.”
Gia, unemployed, 56

“If that person has lived in Georgia long enough and knows all the problems of this country, then yes. But in my opinion, a person who has arrived to Georgia a couple of years ago and does not really feel itself as a citizen of this country will never have a chance to be elected as a President.”
Irina, accountant, 32

“No it would be impossible both in legal and national terms.”
Lasha, Producer, 29

“Because of the Georgian mentality it's absolutely impossible even to imagine a non-Georgian official in head of our country.”
Rusudan, Journalist, 33

“I would support a non Georgian presidential candidate , if I consider that he is better compared to other candidates and if I like his election program.”
Nino, Psychologist, 24

“It depends on the candidate . One of the main things for me is he/she to have the same religion and if I consider he is worthy of the position I would not care whether he is Georgian or not. “
Nino, MA student, 23

I am categorically against this. Why might Georgia have a non Georgian president, our traditions and customs would be difficult for him to understand and appreciate. He might adopt some rules in the country, which will be disliked by Georgian people.
Ia, Nurse, 27

“I cannot see the difference whether we have a Georgian President or foreigner, as influential foreign states and organizations are ruling the country anyway.”
Sophiko, Civil Servant, 30