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Armenian nuclear power station the most dangerous in the world

By Messenger Staff
Friday, April 15
The design and the location of the Armenian nuclear power station make it the most dangerous in the world, according to an article in National Geographic. The Armenian government plans to close the station by 2016 when a new nuclear power station will be launched. Until then there is no other choice but to keep the existing plant in operation. It is located 16 km from the Turkish border and 36km from Yerevan in a very dangerous seismic zone. Armenian officials however insist that appropriate measures have made the Nuclear power station less dangerous. The Armenian station is almost identical to that of the infamous Chernobyl station and, as National Geographic informs, it can withstand some minor problems but not serious natural disasters. The magazine expresses its concern based on the professional assessment on the security of the nuclear power station. It was highlighted in the article that the EU could not convince the Armenian authorities to close down the station therefore it allotted up to Euro 60 mln for special preventive measures.