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What kind of regular events would you like to see in Georgia in order to develop tourism?

Friday, April 15
“I would like to have more annual festivals, contests and so on. If Spain is able to attract millions of tourists by holding a festival of simply throwing tomatoes at each other, why can’t we organize something like this? Perhaps throwing grapes at each other!”
Maya, student, 19

“It would be nice to have let’s say a sea festival in Batumi. As far as this town has become very beautiful and pleasant place to stay, it could be a nice idea to start organizing summer festivals every year with some discounts, number of events, competitions, concerts and so on.”
Merab, doctor, 31

“There is no necessity to add some new events, it would even be enough to make the already existing ones more attractive. This could be achieved by pouring more funds into those events.”
Tazo, distributor, 26

“Well, the development of tourism is very important, however the authorities are so oriented on tourism propaganda in Georgia that they forget a lot of very serious problems existing in the country. I think that our authorities do not need any advice in this field, as they are holding expensive events in the country for this purpose already.”
Guram, Unemployed, 32

I suppose that, more concerts and entertaining events, interesting and famous guests during the holidays would be very profitable for tourism development in the country.”
Natia, Student, 21

“To my mind, first of all our resorts should be up to international standards, I mean infrastructure and so on, if you make a lot of advertisements even on international channels, describing your country as a paradise and when tourists come and this is not the reality, it is extremely negative for tourism development. At the present moment this should be the main point and after this holding some events.”
Giga, Manager, 28

“There should be different activities for different parts of Georgia for developing tourism, but first of all the creation of relevant infrastructure would be the main basis for promoting this business in Georgia.”
Eka, Painter, 27

“As a tourism specialist I would highlight that Georgia has amazing nature and attractive places of interest all around the country which should obviously become familiar to wider audience. If we want to become part of the international community I think we should maximally try to improve the country’s infrastructure, restore forgotten traditions and make a blend with modern standards. I can’t actually name particular regular events because they may vary according to the regions but the only thing I can do is advise both local people and foreign guests to visit the whole of Georgia and discover the secret of its charm.”
Mariam, Guide, 24

“I’m a great fan of water sports and I used to be a successful swimmer so my favorite summer event is swimming. Some encouraging changes have been made at the Georgian seaside resorts but we, the youth, need more activities. You know it is more fashionable to go to Turkey or Egypt with friends due to a lack of infrastructure in Georgia so I would really wish that our Government would offer us a variety of events so that we could stay in the country and spend our vacations at the clean and healthy seaside.”
Rezi, Sportsman, 19