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Opinions of Georgian GDP

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, April 19
According to official information published by the Statistic department, Georgia’s GDP in 2010 reached GEL 20 bln, a growth of 6.4% from 2009. However different economists think that this growth is not sufficient for the increase of the standard of living in the country. Former minister of economy Kakha Bendukidze stated that to become a normal state Georgia would require a 12% growth in its economy for the coming 30 years. Georgia is experiencing GDP growth as well as economic growth; however it is not that high as desired. The share of agriculture in the GDP has diminished. Georgia is not a production oriented country; it is mostly oriented on services. Although 53% of Georgia’s population is involved in agricultural works they produce only a very small share of the GDP. Analyst Nodar Khaduri believes that agriculture should maintain the country whereas in Georgia it is vice versa.