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Compiled by Lisa Tonakanyan
Tuesday, April 19
Why Sandro Bregadze’s brother-in-law was arrested?

On the basis of some legal bargaining, Tbilisi City Court with the consent of the prosecutor's office released Sandro Bregadze who had earlier been arrested. However, Bregadze’s brother-in-law was arrested exactly three days before Bregadze left the prison. Bregadze is still concealing the reason for the Georgian authorities' prosecution of him though he does not deny that his brother-in-law was arrested, Kronika newspaper writes.

“We’ll remind you that Tbilisi City Court found Bregadze guilty of hooliganism and as a preventive punishment sentenced him to 5-years suspended imprisonment. Besides, as an additional penalty it obliged to pay GEL 20 000 in bail. Sandro Bregadze pleaded guilty but Adeishvili knows perfectly well that if it was not for the state of health of his child, Sandro would neither plead guilty nor draw a legal bargain. Now he has a criminal record and at the same time he is a prisoner and God spares him any other provocation as suspended imprisonment might be converted to real imprisonment. As it concerns the arrest of Sandro Bregadze’s brother-in-law it’s interesting as to why the authorities persecute Bregadze’s relatives or Bregadze himself? It’s clear that it’s impossible to arrest the same man two days after his release. As it turns out, the problem is with Bregadze”, newspaper states.

“I am also in a very unclear situation as nothing is known yet. The only thing I can tell you is that my brother-in-law Gocha Dzneladze has been arrested. However, I or my family knows nothing more about it. My brother-in-law is a constructor, he’s in business. No one has made an official statement about his guilt but this of course is linked to his business. Now the investigation is on. Neither I nor the lawyer can tell you more than this”, Sandro Bregadze told in the conversation with the newspaper reporter.

As it concerns the advocate of the detainee, Kavlashvili had his phone turned off and Kronika couldn’t contact him.

Turkish TAV Georgia to buy Kopitnari airport for 1 lari

Sky Georgia is the only airline in the country which transfers cargo from Kopitnari airport to Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ukraine. Unfortunately, the service level there was very low, so we offered the government to renovate the airport. This should be done either by the government or us in case of getting such a right. The most important thing is that we would invest money in it as well. But this project was stopped and we do not know the reason for this decision. After this I left Kutaisi airport as I couldn’t withstand a competition for there were companies financed from Tbilisi. Batumi airport was opened, so we moved there, completely leaving Kopitnari”, the president of Sky Georgia Giorgi Kodua says in his interview with the newspaper Versia.

“This is not a good approach if our government really does sell Kopitnary airdrome for 1 lari to foreign investors. It will be good if the government finds local air companies. It doesn’t matter which it will be; the most important is that it will invest money. No foreign company will purchase Kopitnary airdrome while knowing that 220 kilometers away Turkish TAV Georgia manages Tbilisi International Airport. When Turkish companies entered the Georgian market the prime minister of that time Zurab Noghaideli did a very bad thing – he signed a document certifying that no company has a right to construct an airport within a radius of 300 kilometers. Batumi airport was transmitted to Turks since the offers of other companies were blocked. Now they want to create an alternative against this agreement but I assure you it’s a big folly”, Kodua says.