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What do you think of modern architectural buildings in Georgia?

Tuesday, April 19
“Well, I think that in those districts, where there are only old buildings in an old architectural style, very modern buildings should not be built, as this will be out of context. Otherwise, I have nothing against modern architecture.”
Natia , Language specialist, 24

“To be honest I like those modern buildings which have been built lately in Georgia. I think that these new ones make our cities look more modern. “
Manana, Journalist, 26

“It depends on the area, where those buildings are built. Sometimes it is not foreseen where these modern structures would be acceptable and nice and where they would not be. When you build a modern glass bridge in old Tbilisi it is not the right decision in my mind. At the same time, I noticed that the current authorities are especially interested in some strange architectural styles and sometimes those projects which are accepted are really horrible.”
Davit, Historian, 54

“Well I’m afraid I can’t even give the exact definition of these “masterpieces” but as a matter of a fact they all look like the one and the same rubbish.”
Lasha, Physician, 29

“Well I think that some of them are disgraceful, I don't like glass-metal architecture. It might me suitable for parliaments - as a symbol of transparency. However in towns that have a rich history they look out of place. Great architecture always lives with the surrounding world - never against it, never as a contrast.”
Anna, IR Specialist, 23

“Dark glass buildings are sometimes embarrassing for already depressed Georgians but to be fair I like renovated Batumi so much that I always enjoy my weekends there. Even though I hope it won’t become to overloaded one day…”
Keti, Lawyear, 25