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New construction plans for Old Tbilisi

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, April 19
On April 18 Kviris Palitra published an article about the new construction in Old Tbilisi which caused great controversy among Georgian society. Calling it part of a new Governmental experiment, people had different vague impressions looking at the draft of the architectural buildings. The project belongs to famous Architect Massimiliano Fuksas Company and aims at establishing concert and art halls at Rike, in Old Tbilisi.

As the main Architect of Tbilisi Aris Bochoidze told the media the new project has important architectural content. “Healthy criticism is always necessary. It is difficult to realize the idea of the project from one photo. Let’s argue of the positive and negative sides after we finish the construction,” he stated. Architect Levan Sarajishvili also stressed that “everything new needs time for relevant perception” but the former main architect of Tbilisi Giga Batiashvili had different concerns about the issue. Commenting on the project approved by the Tbilisi City Hall, Batiashvili wondered why the project bore the Fuksas logo. “Fuksas is one of the greatest architects in the world and I’m sure he hasn’t seen either the draft of the project nor the place where the halls are to be built,” he told the media.

Wondering who the author of the draft of the Georgian project is, Kviris Palitra e-mailed the Fuksas Company. They haven’t received the answer yet while Guram Tavadze, the head of the Division for Historical Zone of the Urban Planning Service Department within Tbilisi City Hall suggested that the above mentioned project is aimed at rehabilitating and developing Rike. “The project is still being discussed and society will get the relevant information when the final decision will be adopted,” he explained. Accusing Tbilisi City Hall and the Georgian Government in making unilateral decisions, Davit Saganelidze member of Tbilisi City Assembly from New Rights worried that the public opinion is not being considered while making such large-scale decisions.