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Are you insured? What insurance service do you use?

Wednesday, April 20
“I am not insured, if any company decides to insure me free of charge I would really be happy. In general, I do not believe in Georgian insurance companies.”
Aluda, Administrator, 37

“I have health insurance, as I think that it is the most serious issue and everyone should pay attention to it. Otherwise, the health service is one of the most expensive things in Georgia but if needed, I will have a guarantee of treatment.”
Natela, Teacher, 43

“I use health and car insurance. I have already used the insurance company service and I am satisfied.”
Goga, Manager, 32

“Yes, I’m insured and I’m really satisfied with the services the company is offering its clients.”
Guram, Doctor, 25

“My family and I have tried many insurance services so far. Now I'm waiting for the new insurance service at my job which will be available in a month. It is a new one and it covers more services than other packages.”
Sopho, Producer, 29

“Unfortunately I’m not insured but I actually wish I were… I’ve recently delivered a baby so I need constant consultations which are quite expensive without insurance nowadays.”
Anna, Editor, 27