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Rustaveli audience takes centre stage in Euphoria

By Salome Modebadze
Thursday, April 28
On April 20-21, Rustaveli Theatre presented the interactive play Euphoria – Something Better Will Happen in partnership with the US Embassy in Georgia. Euphoria, staged by young American director Colin Hovde, is an example of modern dramaturgy. The project carried out in the frames of the US Cultural Development in Georgia was enjoyed by both local and international guests. “The main aim of the play is to share the US art of theatre with the Georgian public. This is a much more interactive performance and we hope we give people an opportunity to look at things in a different way,” Hovde told The Messenger.

The darkened auditory of the theatre’s rehearsal hall created a warm and cozy atmosphere where the 12 different characters of the play shared with us their most desired wishes. United around one conceptual leader the group of arts people wanted to change their lives for better future… The final work of the leader is to convince these people that they have to kill themselves. Assured that death is the only way to feel the eternal peace they drink poisoned wine and go in to a deep sleep. What they will get from this “journey” is that they have to go through lots of realizations and when they wake up (as they aren’t actually dead) they understand all the things they were about to let go…The past memories run in their minds and when they all wake up from their dreams they realize how wonderful life is and leave the dark circle.

Sharing her opinion of the play with The Messenger Cynthia Whittlesey, Chief of Education, Culture and Media Affairs of the US Embassy expressed her gratitude towards the whole working team for a wonderful experience. “I think it’s a very challenging story where the audience is not simply watching but experiencing this whole process because the audience is one of the participants of the play. I think it stimulates you to think of your own life… and you get drawn in to the play by different actors,” she stated.

I was also very impressed with the play and tried to better realize the personal stories of the characters and think more of my own life. It was also a great opportunity for me to feel like an actress along with the Rustaveli Theatre team and get lost in my dreams with them. So I would recommend everyone to participate in the US-Georgian experiment and become the part of Rustaveli Theatre team for one evening.