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What do you think of the verdict adopted by ECHR for Sandro Girgvliani’s case?

Thursday, April 28
“I think the Georgian government will think twice before making unlawful decisions after the Starsbourg Court Ruling. This should be a good lesson for Saakashvili’s regime.”
Irma, pharmacist, 30

“I was expecting that the ruling would be more strict. Frankly I have not read the whole document, but according to media reports it is not as strict as it should be. At least this is what I think.”
Maka, economist, 25

“I am happy that somewhere on the planet it is still possible to find justice. I don’t think that the decision of the court will change anything in the Georgian court system, however. ”
Eka, unemployed, 44

“I think that it was a partially just decision. The fact that the court did not blame the authorities in his murder is unjust, as he really was the victim of the members of the current Government. At the same time, the sum, which the state must pay to the family, is very small, to my mind, as two members of the families became the victim and not only one, as Girgvliani’s mother died soon after the incident.”
Nodar, Lawyer, 34

“To be honest I do not know the details of the verdict, as far as I know, Girgvliani’s family won the trial and it is the right decision. It was a very well- known and painful case for all Georgians to my mind; I hope that such events will not take place anymore.”
Marina, Painter, 41

“I think that the family was really the victim, however I could not blame the current authorities for this crime. Of course, there might be some inadequate figures within the ruling party rows; however all of them should not be responsible for anything.”
Gega, Manager, 28

“I think it’s common knowledge who is behind this terrible murder… So it’s definitely the state's responsibility to ensure safety and security of its citizens and protect their lives from the fatal endings.”
Anna, Housewife, 28

“Unfortunately I am not thoroughly familiar with the issue but I have heard that the state had been fined with quite a large amount which they have to refund to Girgvliani’s family. There is one special thing in the verdict – can money replace our lives I just wonder? But I think the modern regulations have their standards and norms which civilized society has to follow.”
Aleko, Engineer, 45