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Do you believe in Georgian construction companies? Have you ever had business with them?

Friday, April 29
“Well, I have never had dealings with them, however, as far as I know, there have been a lot of problems regarding the companies since the 2008 August war. However, people who paid some money are not guilty and the state and those companies which have some problems with the clients must resolve their grievances adequately.”
Nodar, Painter, 41

“Several years ago I bought a flat in a newly built house and to be honest I am satisfied. The company has fulfilled its duties accordingly and I had no problem. In general, more or less, I believe, but not all them, of course.”
Gela, Manager, 29

“I have not dealt with them; however my uncle has a very serious problem with one of these companies. He had lived in Moscow for 10 years, working there while his family was in Tbilisi in his relative's flat. He decided to buy a flat, however did not have the money and used one of the companies, who agreed that the company would give him a flat in 2 year’s time. If I am not mistaken it was in 2009. He has partially paid for the flat, however, the building process has stopped, which has created serious problems for my uncle’s family.
Natia, Student, 21

“As a reporter I researched this business several months ago and found out lots of violations within the colorful facades of the modern buildings. It seems to be true that “not everything that shines is gold” because the houses are being built in such a way that I’m afraid that they may break down at any moment.”
Maia, Reporter, 34

“Our flat was to be finished by the end of 2010 but as a matter of a fact we are still residing in our old apartment. All these companies are so greedy and incompetent in building properly.”
Anna, BA Stiudent, 21

“Thank God I’ve never had any business with Georgian building companies and I will never in future either because I have no confidence in them as they haven’t yet fulfilled any promises made to the people. I would simply prefer living at my old flat rather than risk double payment for one and the same apartment as lots of companies have asked from their clients.”
Nino, Manager, 25

“Well actually I don’t have enough money to afford a new modern flat as they are all too expensive but I wouldn’t decline a Redix flat because it offers really charming services to its clients.”
Aleko, Driver, 28

“Everyone knows how dishonest such companies are nowadays. I have heard lots of things about their violations. People have suffered a lot from them while those buildings which have been successfully finished have very few residents.”
Tamta, Interpreter, 42