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Do you welcome the decision that 17 year-old citizens of Georgia will be able to obtain driving licenses?

Monday, May 2
"It is acceptable for me. For example when i was 16 years old I knew how to drive a car. Currently, there are a lot of drivers who do not know how to drive in reality. It would be better if a young person in the age of 17 was taught about driving, security and theory together and be given a licence after providing he passes the exam. If everything was done in this way, there would not be so many accidents. "
Aleksandre , Health, Safety & Environment Specialist, 33

It is a most unwise decision that our government has made. It will make driving in Georgia the most inconvenient experience imaginable. I do not support this idea. It will only make things worse I think.
Maka, Accountant, 30

It is a quite risky decision. But who knows, it might work. If they teach pupils how to drive, then why not? But let's see, at this point I am quite sceptical.
Dato, engineer, 52

My daughter is 16 and I am quite worried that if she gets a driving license at 17 she might start driving her friends' cars and put her life in danger. I don't like this initiative.
Nino, businesswoman, 37

"I can see nothing surprising in this decision. Acquiring a driving license is too difficult in Georgia, if somebody manages and gets it the age of 17, it means that he/she is worthy of it."
Giorgi, Patrol Policeman, 26

"There is not great difference if I take the license at the age of 18 or 17, however, in general, i do not support this attitude, as mostly, in this age boys and girls obey emotions more than their brain. There are two solutions 1. Very strict exam and 2. Studying driving and its theories should be learnt at an earlier age, at schools, for example, from the age of 15."
Nino, Teacher, 32