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Representative Public Assembly set date for protest rally

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, May 3
Massive protest rallies will start from May 21- the head of the executive council of the Representative Public Assembly, Nona Gaprindashvili, stated on May 2.

As Gaprindashvili mentioned, all regional committees of the Assembly will gather people from all Georgian regions for the day, in front of Tbilisi Philharmonic Hall and central parts of the city “All political forces which really want to change the current authorities will stand with the people. If all Georgians actively participate in the rallies it would make Mikheil Saakashvili consider his post and we would gain the right of holding free elections in Georgia.” According to her, “preparatory activities for Saakashvili’s regime’s destruction have already been completed and all 74 committees of the Assembly formed in Georgian regions are completely ready.”

More detailed information on the target of the rallies has been delivered by the leader of Democratic Movement-United Georgia and the active member of the Assembly, Nino Burjanadze, “we are not going to come to power by means of violence; however these authorities would not leave their position without revolution. There are different methods of how to fight without arms and we are planning to use all such activities which exist in the civilized world.”

“We are sure that the street rallies planned for May 21, will have no public support, “representative of the authorities, MP, Lasha Tordia said, making clear the Government’s attitude towards the issue with this one sentence. The attitude of those opposition parties which are more oriented on improving the election environment in the country stand quite far from aspirations of a revolution as well, “we will go on working for election environment improvement in the country, to change the authorities by means of elections, however it does not mean that we are irritated with our colleagues actions, “Leader of Conservative Party, Zviad Dzidziguri, said.

According to analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili voicing the exact date of the Government’s destruction from the Assembly side reveals many questions, “first of all, there is a question in the society, if the whole Government is removed on May 22, what will happen next? Maybe the Assembly has also thought about it, however if they hide the real plan, they would have less hope of people’s support. If they think that firstly some political group should come to power and only after this think of future, people will be less supportive,” the analyst stated and mentioned that the society will only be interested in protesting if they see clear results from doing so. If society has a definite vision of those persons who might come to power after this process, they would have a clearer mind about taking part in the process.

According to fellow analyst, Zaza Piralishvili, if the process launched by the Representative Public Assembly turns out to be useless, this failure might affect the whole political spectrum for a long time, “this refers to those who are actively involved in the process, and also to those who are standing apart and waiting for other oppositional representative’s failure. I hope that the leaders of the Assembly feel this great responsibility.”