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Tuesday, May 3
This summer will be the last for Saakashvili’s regime

Leader of Democratic Movement for United Georgia, Nino Burjanadze, says that they will hold negotiations with the ruling leadership only on the issue of the resignation of Saakahsivli, Asaval Dasavali writes.

The only topic of our discussion is the resignation of President Saakashvili because in his regime it is impossible to hold democratic elections in Georgia. There is no justice under Saakashvili’s leadership. We are fighting to hold fair and transparent elections and such elections will be held when Saakashvili and his team leave authorities,” Burjanadze says. “There is a big move towards protest in the population and a huge number of them will join our protest rallies. We will have to make them leave through revolutionary means and we will use all those methods which are acceptable for civilization. After they leave I hope that people will make the right choice during elections,” she added.

Burjanadze said that if she is elected one of the major priorities will be the social sphere, increasing pensions and salaries. Burjanadze warned her colleagues not to use improper assessments while speaking about her. “There is no politician in Georgia who is more honest than Burjanadze,” she said.

No Visa Required for Citizens of Certain Countries to Enter Georgia

Citizens of certain countries will not need visas to enter Georgia, 24 Hours reports.

The Parliament adopted the amendments to the bill yesterday. According to the bill, citizens of Albania, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Iraq will be able to enter Georgia visa-free and stay 360 days in the country without a visa.