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Do you like Georgian fashion? Are you a client of Georgian fashion designers?

Tuesday, May 3
“I like, however I cannot afford it. Unfortunately, the things created by Georgian fashion designers are as unavailable for me as those created by the foreigners. If I had enough salary, I would buy some of the dresses by Georgian designers.”
Irma, teacher, 30

“I am not a client of Georgian fashion designers, because the prices are high and the quality is very low. I am not talking about the design itself but the quality of the material of the clothes.”
Natuka, student, 23

“I do not like shopping that much. Usually my mother buys things for me. This might sound strange, but this is how it works for me. So I do not really care if the clothes are by Georgian designers, by foreigners or by aliens.”
Lado, accountant, 25

“To be honest, I do not like them. I think that Georgian fashion is just an imitation and nothing more. I hope that Georgian designers, some of them at least, manage to create something really valuable and develop their own style.
Lado, Painter, 34

“In general, I like it. I think that there are some really talented designers in Georgia, unfortunately, I have never been among their clients, as my financial means do not enable me to put on their clothes, however, I watch them on TV and I am impressed. “
Tamuna, Student, 21

“I think that this industry is developing in Georgia step by step, there are some countries which have a long tradition of this and we can not be on their level immediately, however, there are good signs that fashion is advancing in the country.”
Mamuka, Manager, 26

“Fashion has been promoted in Georgia for the last two or three years. We have had around ten fashion weeks so far which broadcast new faces and figures for the world fashion market. I think we have really talented designers who are aware of the cultural values and can tastefully match them with modern standards.”
Eka, Actress, 29

“No I don’t like it at all and I don’t think we, Georgians would ever have world recognition from critics. I have heard that some models or designers have been invited to European agencies but still I don’t like this trend – I simply think it would all be like a counterfeit version and not original style.”
Nino, Accountant, 25

“I’m not a client of Georgian fashion designers myself that’s maybe because they don’t have some special line for men, but I like particular models and I’m sure they could be great rivals to the world known fashion stars.”
Tornike, Banker, 35