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Armenia searches for energy market in case of construction of new nuclear power station

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, May 4
So far Armenia has no distinct market for selling electricity from the proposed new nuclear power station, thinks analyst from Armenia Sevak Sarukhanian. According to him the best option in this case is Iran, however from a cost point of view Iran is not the best option as there are no world market prices there. So in this case Armenia might use Iran as a transit territory to export its electricity into other Middle East and Persian Gulf countries. He also considers the option of selling Armenian electricity to Turkey in case of the opening of the border between the two countries. As for the option of selling electricity from Armenia to Turkey via Georgia it is not yet technically possible. So the analyst thinks that the new nuclear power station will be profitable if there is a possibility of exporting to other countries presumably to Turkey or transiting through Iran. As it is known, the Armenian government is ready to construct a new nuclear power station. Russian company Rosatom is likely to construct the power station, the construction of which will cost around USD 5 bln dollars.