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What do you think about Georgian media?

Wednesday, May 4
“The majority of Georgian media has sold out. Even those media sources we consider as opposition have sold out and even those which are really opposition will sell out very soon. Georgian media is a pocket press. “
Gega, TV channel employee, 28

“In each media institution work professionals, we have no lack of professionals in Georgia, however, in many cases they do not use their professionalism to deliver correct information. However, there are online and printed media, which express free views.. “
Aleksandre, HSE Specialist, 33

“Well, I think that compared to previous years the Georgian media has developed and there are a lot of interesting programs and shows, which were unimaginable several years ago. If somebody does not like something, there are a lot of channels and he can switch on another one, or do not read at all.”
Levan Musician, 31

“To my mind the greater part of Georgian media sources are partial and it is very obvious, those channels which are most influential choose which information is in the Government’s interest and which is not, this is unacceptable. “
Tamar, Sociologist, 36

“In general, the situation has changed, the Georgian media has become more modern and developed, however its freedom level is still low. At the same time, there is not enough qualified staff in TV companies and in printed media, which also imposes the spreading of falsified information.”
Tsotne, Engineer, 52

“In my opinion, a lot of things regarding media should be changed. We are talking about democracy but in reality everyone is afraid to express their attitude openly. Media is partial and more oriented on imitation.”
Nutsa, Doctor, 54