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Some problems hindering the realization of project constructing motorway around the Black Sea

By Messenger Staff
Friday, May 6
Many countries of the Black Sea region consider the proposed construction of a first class motorway circling around the Black Sea to be an excellent proposition. Some countries are expressing an interest towards this project and suggesting their vision of how it would work. For instance the Azeri transport minister thinks that this project will not be implemented unless Armenia frees Karabakh. According to Zia Mamedov under current circumstances when Armenia occupies Azeri territories it is impossible to conduct either bilateral or multilateral negotiations with Yerevan. Overall, the minister mentioned that Baku welcomes this project and is ready to participate in it. There is another problem concerning this issue. This is the Russian occupied territory of Abkhazia. So far Georgian officials have not expressed their distinct position over this issue. Some segments of the motorway around the Black Sea are already being constructed. The distance is around 7000 km and it will be connecting 12 countries which are: Turkey, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Albania and Greece.

The Azerbaijani side stated that if Armenia joined the project while not considering the Azeri position, Baku will withdraw from this project.