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What is your opinion about the EU? What kind of role does it play in Georgia’s development?

Friday, May 6
“I think joining the EU is one of the most desirable goals for Georgia. At least this is something I am looking forward to. And if we want to become EU members, we need to make a lot of steps forward in our political, economic and cultural development. Of course this is very good for the country in general.”
Eka, journalist, 30

“As far as I know the EU is implementing many projects in Georgia, which is beneficial for us. I am not sure that we will join the European Union in the nearest future, but we can keep trying and meanwhile keep making the country a better place.”
Salome, nurse, 34

“I am not an expert in EU-related issues; however I think that the EU plays a positive role for us. At least we have a goal we are striving for. This is already something good. I think that if all of us, including the government and the ordinary citizens do our best, we will become EU members in the next decade.”
Badri, businessman, 42

“To say the truth I do not have much information on what this organization is doing in Georgia, unfortunately. NATO's information centre is doing better, I do not even know if EU has such kind of centre or not. It will be good if we were given more information on EU‘s activities to Georgia. “
Salome, Dentist, 32

“It is one of the most influential unions and promotes significant assistance to Georgia in different fields, from economic to cultural and social. I can estimate EU’s role in Georgia only positively.”
Guram, Manager, 28

“Well, I think that almost all international organizations are being influenced by the larger and most developed countries. More or less, to my mind, EU is also influenced by them, as for Georgia, this organization is assisting our country and one can only welcome this, however this organization has its demands towards the country's leadership, which are being ignored by the authorities.”
Nodar, Lawyer, 44

“The EU plays a decisive role in promoting Georgia throughout the world. This organization unites the world’s greatest states and Georgian Government has to do their best to follow EU instructions especially in the democratization process.”
Anna, Film Director, 26

“I deeply appreciate the EU for its world political authority. I think Georgia can learn lots of things from such organizations, moreover EU support in developing Georgian democracy is also quite evident especially during the last several years.”
Nino, Accountant, 23