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Rallies imminent for Georgian Party

By Salome Modebadze
Friday, May 6
The Georgian Party will start mass rallies from May 9. As Erosi Kitsmarishvili the Political Secretary of the party told the media they have finished “internal structural constructions” and are ready to end up with the current political regime in Georgia. Choosing May 9 [the day of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in World War II] as their starting point and Kitsmarishvili said their rallies would start from Sagarejo, Kakheti and would cover the entire Georgia.

Promising they would share their mood with the whole Georgian population, the Political Secretary said they would inform people about further rallies in due course. “We are starting thematic mass rallies against the existing political regime with our 50 000 active supporters. Georgian Party will fulfill all the promises given to Georgian people and we will end up defeating the current Government,” he stated. Expressing his respect towards the political groups attempting to change the situation in the country Kitsmarishvili said that “no better future can be imagined without the Georgian Party.”

Stressing they would take the entire responsibility on the consequences of the rally, Kitsmarishvili welcomed cooperation with the groups oriented on Saakashvili’s withdrawal. “It doesn’t matter for the society whether they will join us or vice versa. It’s more important to know how actively we are engaged in these processes,” Kitsmarishvili said referring to the Representative Public Assembly. Approving of the people’s demand on oppositional unification Kitsmarishvili encouraged the 8 oppositional parties working on improvements of the electoral environment to stand with the Georgian people for real changes.

Kitsmarishvili emphasized that the idea which aimed at unmasking the current Government and revealing their ineffectiveness has already been achieved by these parties. Stressing that the entire country could see how unwilling the ruling United National Movement (UNM) is on making particular changes even under the pressure or international support during these 6 months’ of consultations, Kitsmarishvili addressed the oppositional parties that they have achieved their aim. “The existing regime is “naked” and now it’s up to Georgian people to force the “king” to go,” he stated.

According to the official information, the Representative Public Assembly is starting protest rallies on May 21. On the question of how the two political parties would succeed in the one political playground analyst Soso Tsiskarishvili spoke of the importance of coordination between the two opposition unions to The Messenger. “Or otherwise the goals will remain unfulfilled and the scenario will develop in a different direction,” he told us.

Explaining that there can be different ways around one particular goal the analyst told us that when two groups with a similar structure and aim are acting separately, such situations usually confuse the people. “The fact that one rally starts on May 9 and the other on May 21 only emphasizes the rivalry between the opposition rather than the “objective reasons” for choosing the dates,” Tsistakishvili told us.