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Georgian Party begins street rallies in Kakheti

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Tuesday, May 10
In addition to the demonstrations held by the Representative Public Assembly, street rallies are also being organized by the Georgian party. Kakheti was the region in which their demonstration took place on May 9, where radical statements against the current authorities were made.

Fear for their homeland was one of the announcements made by one of the party leaders Levan Gachechiladze, during the demonstration. He mentioned the importance of the launch of actions by the Georgian party in its anti governmental fight and that to sacrifice oneself is worth it “as life is too short; however life in fighting for your country’s welfare is immortal.”

Based on the leader of the party Sozar Subari, in several days or in several weeks the Georgian party would call the whole of Georgia to Tbilisi, “which will make the final point on Saakashvili’s authority.”

Street rallies and demonstrations are not positively appraised by other opposition forces, which are more oriented on the improvement of the election environment in the country. As they state, such radical steps from the opposition, might impose positive results only for the current authorities, “Georgian people can understand that radical steps are useless. Such steps might impose civil confrontation, or bring the country back to the 90s. In general, by radical actions, the opposition must not give reason to Saakashvili to call them pro Russian forces and declare himself as the only pro western leader in the region, “leader of Our Georgia-Free Democrats, Irakli Alasania, said.

The process is also being monitored by the authorities, whose statements are quite general at the present moment although one thing is clear. Based on them, street rallies and demonstrations are typical for any democratic state, however only in the frames of the law. In the event of any attempt at “uncivilized actions” the response from the government’s side would of the manner required.

The majority of analysts do not forecast a positive outcome for the so called radical opposition from the street rallies. As they state, currently, opposition forces do not have enough support and trust from the people to carry out another revolution in the country.