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Tuesday, May 10
Reshuffle in Georgian party

Before the Georgian Party begins its protest it has undergone a reshuffle among party members, Kronika writes. According to released information Koka GUntsadze has been dismissed from his post because of his passive activities in party’s events. After their congress in Philharmonic Hall Guntsadze was dismissed as he did not organise any of the planned activities. Reportedly Guntsadze was unable to gather people to attend the party’s congress.

The problem also referred to party members list. Officially there was shown that 27 000 people were members however later it has became known that in reality some of the listed persons had no idea that they were in the Georgian party’s membership list.

On May 8 information was released that Levan Gachechiladze one of the leaders of the party will also leave. Kronika says that Gachechiladze want to leave the party but has not made a final decision yet.

Scandal on Black Lion continues

Viacheslav Efimov, the current owner of famous Georgian painter Niko Pirosmani’s painting Black Lion, presumes that Karaman Kutateladze might have made a deal with criminals years ago.

Efimov does not have evidence confirming the above-mentioned accusation yet, Efimov’s lawyer Gocha Svanidze says, 24 Hours reports.

According to the lawyer, Kutateladze has sold several other pictures to Efimov.

‘Kutateladze’s allegations with regard to the Black Lion are ungrounded’, Svanidze said.

The scandal started after painter Karaman Kutateladze stated that the painting exhibited in Moscow was stolen from his family in 1993. Representative of “Rosakhrankultur”, the current owner of “Black Lion”, Viacheslav Efimov says he legally purchased the painting from Kutateladze and he has legal document proving this. Kutateladze categorically denies this. Karaman Kutateladze has filed a complaint at Tbilisi Civil Court.