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How would you assess police reform in Georgia?

Tuesday, May 10
“I think lots of things have been changed in Georgian police system since 2004 as the level of corruption and the number of criminals has been severely decreased. But on the other hand policemen have become more state-related rather than independent in their activities which is evident even from media. I doubt there are many countries where the news starts with criminal news.”
Tsotne, BA Student, 21

“I would say these reforms have been both nice and foolish at the same time because they have been oriented on visual effects not the internal problems the police have been facing.”
Anna, Editor, 25

“Police in Georgia used to be among the most corrupt systems while its main goal is to protect the citizens. Unfortunately the post-Soviet Union chaos has cost lots of blood to Georgia but I’m glad we have managed to overcome the destructive mentality and can now rely on our police.”
Aleksandre, Driver, 39

“Well, this is really a very difficult issue, on the one hand I can assess this reform positively and on the other hand, it has quite serious shortcomings. I consider that several really significant reforms have been carried out, like patrol police, on the other hand , Georgia has practically become a police state, which is unacceptable.”
Giorgi, Analyst, 37

“I think that police reform has been very successful in Georgia. We are no longer afraid of robbery while walking in the street, or even walking at night, it is a very short list, thus, I consider this reform as successful.”
Levan, Student, 21

“On one hand this reform seems to be successful and there are many people around me who are satisfied with the outcome, however if the reform was such successful why are so many criminals and prisoners in the country, in reality, rate of the criminals have not been reduced and Georgia is the country, which has more imprisoned people than any other European country.”
Vladimer, Historian, 34