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Compiled by Lisa Tonakanyan
Wednesday, May 11
Police will not dare to break up the demonstration

“We start insubordination demonstrations no matter how many people will go out to the street. In fact we did everything to avoid any sort of mistakes and we are ready for May 21. The epicenter of the events will be in Tbilisi and will move on to the regions; we created 74 committees and it was not just a waste of time. We prepared for everything during this period. We understand that we should not make any mistakes. The times when the authorities were supported in any situation has passed. Today’s reality has changed; the authorities are afraid of people”, the chairman of the Public Assembly Nona Gaprindashvili said in the interview with newspaper Akhali Taoba.

“We should save the country from this regime. It is not only about one person; a strong power and good conditions made the youth silently execute the orders of one person. No one can raise his voice. Forty-years-old people are thrown aside though, as a rule, people of this age rule their countries all over the world. I’ve not heard yet any objection against Saakashvili’s offer, thrown in emotions. This happens as no one dares to say anything against the regime. There were only two persons who could resist Saakashvili and block some of his offers; one died, I mean Zhvania, and the other, Nino Burjanadze, stands next to us”, Gaprindashvili added.

“When I say we are ready for everything it doesn’t mean that we will take guns in our hands. Simply we must show everyone that we stand a strong position and it is not that easy to break us up. The International community supported the population of Egypt and Tunisia exactly when authorities started shooting. I am sure if the same order is given here, Georgia’s security forces will not execute it. They should serve Georgia, the whole country”, Nona Gaprindashvili stated.

Date and time for Georgian Party rally in Tbilisi not known yet

The Georgian Party plans to hold a rally in May in Tbilisi, but they don’t know the date and place, one of the leaders of the party Sozar Subari stated, 24 Hours reports.

“We said that upon finishing the party construction, we would hold a meeting to plan the future strategy. I have no answer to when and where the rally will be held”, Subari said.

Reports suggest that the Georgian Party plans to assemble on Lokomotiv Stadium on 21 May but

Sozar Subari neither denies nor confirms the information.