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Do you think a revolution will happen in Georgia? If yes, who will make it happen?

Wednesday, May 11
“Absolutely not. I am more than sure about this. The opposition has lost even the minor credibility that it possessed. Now they have no chances. I do not really understand what they hope for. Are they so naive to think that the people will come out to the streets to join them?”
Vano, driver, 50

“I am tired of protest rallies every spring and autumn. We want to have normal lives without blocked streets and protest rallies which usually happen in vain. Let’s just wait for the elections and see whom the people support.”
Marika, student, 23

“The only reason for the revolution in Georgia is increasing prices. It is becoming unbearable. I think we should protest against economic problems rather than some obscure things related to democracy and freedom. Let’s fight for real things at last.”
Medea, pensioner, 62

“Well, I am sure that no revolution will happen in the country. It is a fact that most of our citizens are not content with the current authorities’ leadership, however, most of them cannot see a viable successor to Saakashvili.”
Nodar, Historian, 34

“I think that making predictions in politics is very difficult and the political situation can be changed very quickly. Most of our people have to live in bad economic conditions and I think that country could face social rebellion. It is difficult to say exactly when this will happen, however threat really exists and the current authorities should be very careful and think more on people, otherwise, they would be removed as Shevardnadze and his Government were removed.”
Davit, Manager, 29

“If the current authorities are removed who will come to power? I am more interested in this issue. If those oppositional forces would come to power, who are now making anti government statements and are holding demonstrations I am ready to bear the situation, as if they come to power, to my mind, the situation would be neither better nor worse.”
Anano, Teacher, 26

“I hope no revolutions will happen in Georgia because I think it’s high time we really moved to a democratic process. In the 21st century of innovations and progressive mind people should realize that they simply have to make the right choice at any decision.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 42

“I really doubt that there may be a revolution in our country because I find the current opposition quite week.”
Nino, Office manager, 28

“I wish that everything in our country would develop in the normal frames. I mean we, Georgians are always unsatisfied with the things around us and try to change the situation but all in vain. I remember how we dreamt about the withdrawal of Eduard Shevardnandze.
How we greeted Saakashvili in 2003 but now we have found out his real face and want someone new… It’s the ordinary issue for even the most civilized and democratic states as people always seek benefits from the Government and oppose to them in case of dissatisfaction. I don’t think that any revolutionary scenario can develop in our country because we have become too weary of the opposition.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 34