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Monday, May 16
Russians paid money for Georgia’s Energy Minister’s medical operation

In his interview to Akhali Taoba leader of White Movement Temur Shashiashvili says that the current Georgian leadership serves the Russian interest in Georgia and even if they assault Russia, in many cases they do Russia’s job here in Georgia. “They are ready to let Russia do everything in order to maintain leadership and power. Inter Rao created a company in Turkey which is registered in Ankara and lobbies Russian interest in Turkey. Its leader is Russian KGB representative Zavrazhin who has quite close relations with the Georgian leadership. The most interesting aspect is that brother of Georgia’s Energy Minister Alexander Khetaguri works with him and his average salary is USD 15-20 000 per month. We were told in Turkey that when Khetaguri had a medical operation in Europe, Russia paid money for this treatment,” Shasiashvili said. On the question of why Russia financed Khetaguri he answered that with the support of his brother who works with them they financed this operation. “After such facts they make statements and complain to those who have close relations with Russians and who want to have good relations with Russia. Those who make such statements are agents!” Shashiashvili said.

Education minister awarded schoolchildren

Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Dimitri Shashkini visited Tbilisi Public School 53 and awarded the winners of the competition organized by the company Gogli-Mogli, 24 Hours reports.

The contest was arranged in three rounds and the owners of the Gogli-Mogli cards were able to participate in the contest. 15 winners were awarded with prizes at the contest which was organized in every school where Gogli-Mogli canteens are operating.

According to the announcement of the Minister, the organization of such contest encourages schoolchildren and raises their motivation.

The participants of the contest were given tasks in Georgian Language and Literature, History, Geography. The participants who answered all questions and collected three points were awarded with prizes.