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What do you think is the main reason for confrontation between opposition parties?

Monday, May 16
“Every single man in this country wants to prove his superiority to others that’s why being ambitious makes them act like rivals even if they share the same ideas about the political processes.”
Lasha, Biologist, 28

“They all want political positions for themselves, that's all. I don't think that they have ever thought about the future of Georgia. If the opposition had thought more about the rights and demands of the citizens not their chairs they would have easily reached an agreement around the issues.”
Sophio, Pensioner, 68

“Ambitions will destroy our Georgian statehood one day… It’s the same old story – everyone wants to be the first among hundreds but no one ever tries to prove their superiority to people. It’s up to society to choose the leaders but these possible leaders have to define their policy, make suggestions for better future, meet people and share their concerns and finally elections or revolutions will emerge, that’s so simple! We just need more patience and less ambition that’s all.”
Irakli, Professor, 53

"I think that, unfortunately, almost all oppositional parties are more concerned with their personal goals. I do not support the current authorities however I cannot see any forces among the opposition which might be better,"
Davit, Painter, 32

"In my opinion the main reason for this is that Georgian oppositional forces have different ideological viewpoints and goals. When there is such a difference achieving an agreement is less possible."
Giorgi, Historian, 43

"it is very obvious that most of the opposition parties want to change the current authorities, however, different oppositional parties choose different ways for this, which causes controversy between them. In general, the worst thing in our country is that that opposition try to make people serve their interests, when they must be the servants of the people.
Koba, Lawyer, 40