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Tuesday, May 17
Kote Gogelia: I don’t want my country to have a dictator

A Georgian businessman working abroad has made political statements in an exclusive interview to Kviris Palitra.

He says he has more of a role in the Georgian Party than just financing.

“Georgia has huge potential and you must be blind not to spend it on strengthening the country. The current government loath the successful, authoritative people, as they seem like nothing compared to them. I can’t watch their behaviour from a distance”, Gogelia said in interview.

The businessman promises to use his experience and contacts for the country’s well being. There will be no unemployed people in Georgia in 3-4 years and the living standard will be better than the European one. He says that the current government is broken and they have to go.

“We won’t be satisfied by these abnormal people leading the government. They are offsprings of Bolsheviks. Economics is incomprehensible for them. They don’t want people to make money and the result is obvious – people’s well-being is the victim of their ambition. 73% of the population is unemployed. How long can the government’s dishonesty continue and the people’s fate be ruled by a runaway commander?” Gogelia declares.

He says that in the event of Georgian people’s trust mandate, they will make the government go sooner than anyone can imagine.

Gogelia decided to go in to politics as he does not want his country to have “a dictator”.

Irakli Alasania: I Represented Georgia not Opposition at the Meeting with Lavrov

Irakli Alasania, Leader of Free Democrats does not consider it appropriate to discuss interior affairs of the country with representatives of a neighboring country so he didn’t speak with Lavrov about financing any interior policy issues, Kviris Palitra writes.

“We spoke about breaking the deadlock of Georgian-Russian relations; that Russia will have to meet its commitments and withdraw armed forces from the country’s territory. It’s natural that we discussed restoration of a friendly neighborhood. I represented Georgia and not the opposition at the meeting”, Alasania said.

He says that no preparatory meetings were held prior to the meeting in Munich, as he knows Lavrov personally from the time he worked in diplomatic service.

“It’s funny to think that Germans held a Munich conference to prepare the Lavrov-Alasania meeting. I’m upset that Sozar had to say this as he is in such a desperate condition”, Alasania said.

Leader of Georgian Party Sozar Subari said several days ago that the meeting between Sergey Lavrov and Irakli Alasania in Munich was not accidental and they spoke about financing.