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How did you assess the holding of a demonstration in front of the US Embassy, organized by a certain opposition party?

Tuesday, May 17
“To be honest I did not like it. Holding demonstrations against the country which is the main partner of the Georgia can not be assessed as a good step. This is the country, from where we have received a lot of assistance in different directions. This step looks like a man’s action, which is cutting that branch on which he sits.”
Levam Businessman, 34

“All of the big countries want one and the same from the smaller ones, especially from those which have something important and different. Both, the US and Russia are trying to control Georgia and have their “man” in the country, especially in the ruling power. Saakashvili, who has put his people in a very miserable condition is being assisted by the United States, thus this demonstration was acceptable for me.”
Liana, Teacher, 44

“So, everyone in any democratic state has a right to express his attitude in such kinds of demonstrations, if this category of people consider that the US is to blame for anything it is their opinion and it does not mean that the whole of Georgia share their views.”
Davit, Lawyer, 27

“I think there is no opposition in Georgia at all! That’s exactly what I think about this issue.”
Tornike, Economist, 24

“Despite the fact that I wish Georgia were less dependent on the US or any other country I think this rally is an expression of stupidity from the Georgian oppositional representatives. Ambassador John Bass has been quite severe towards the particular issues and I think we had better think of our own mistakes rather than judge others for our misfortune.”
Nino, IR Specialist, 26

“I find it really strange why the opposition has decided to demonstrate in front of the US Embassy. Even if the US has been supporting our Government it doesn’t mean that they are encouraging Saakashvili in particular but more the whole country. If Georgia wants to become a democratic country it should have international encouragement and there is really nothing vague at all in this issue. But unfortunately our opposition is confusing the Georgian people as usual.”
Mamuka, Doctor, 48