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Wednesday, May 18
Analyst: If the 8 will come out in the streets they will indirectly recognize their mistake

In his interview to Mteli Kvira, political analyst Soso Tsintsadze says that society still remembers quite well the protest rallies organized by the opposition which failed and produced no results. “As a result of this, people need time to gather motivation to protest. I cannot see the power which will make people go out into the streets in radical opposition,” Tsintsadze says. Commenting on Georgian Party attitude towards the USA he says that whether the Georgian Party like it or not, America is Georgia’s strategic partner and holding protest meetings in front of embassies is not a civilized form of expressing their discontent. “Only those countries with a low level of culture consider such methods as picketing the embassies,” he said.

Tsintsadze says that the Georgian Party has not received much benefit by arranging rallies before the Public Assembly does. Politics is not determined by protest rallies and useless statements, politics is determined by results.

Lawyers on hunger strike

A group of lawyers have launched a hunger strike in front of the Parliament, 24 Hours reports.

The hunger strike will last for five days, lawyer Shalva Khachapuridze said on 11 May. According to him, 30 lawyers will start the strike initially, though other lawyers will probably join them later.

Lawyers want to draw the world’s attention to the fact that there is no freedom in Georgia.

Sjalva Khachapuridze, defense lawyer, said that lawyers have a range of demands:

Independent Court; investigation of murder cases - Zurab Jzvania, Guram Sharadze, Badri Patarkatsishvili and other persons; reinvestigation of young people killed in the streets; revision of cases of illegally detained persons and establishing a special committee for this purpose; unconditional release of political prisoners; cessation of torture and cruel treatment with prisoners; release of defense lawyers who were illegitimately arrested; restoration of facilities for veterans," - he said.