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Do you feel safe in Georgia?

Wednesday, May 18
“Yes I feel safe. I have heard from many foreign tourists that Georgia is one of the safest places they have ever visited. I think the police reform has contributed a lot to this.”
Tako, artist, 29

“More or less I feel safe in the country. However, I do not feel entirely safe because we have two conflict zones in the country, so I am always alert. Otherwise, in terms of criminals, I think the situation is quite good.”
Lela, accountant, 52

“I do feel safe. Compared to the 90s with no lights in the streets and robbers on every corner, today Tbilisi is a real paradise for those who like peaceful life.”
Gia, pensioner, 64

“To say the truth, I really feel safe. There was a period in Georgia when coming out in the evening was really dangerous. Everyone was robbed, there were gunshots and some other dangerous things for the society but there are no such problems now, fortunately.”
Natela, Pensioner, 56

“I don’t feel safe. I have my small business and each day I feel under threat that something might go wrong and somebody, related with the authorities might decide to create problems for me. Ordinary people might feel safe, however when one tries to achieve success by his own means, he does not feel safe.”
Mamuka, Businessman, 41

“It is obvious that the criminal situation in the country has improved in the country, the number of criminals has reduced. It can be regarded as one of the main achievements of the current authorities.”
Giorgi, Bank Employee, 28

“Yes I feel really safe because I can freely walk in the streets even at night which used to be so dangerous. Moreover the trust towards police has increased as they have proved they can really help people in need.”
Keti, Lawyer, 25

“I try to feel safe from criminals because I drive a car every day from my flat to my work and I rarely have to walk in dark narrow streets where the majority of criminals are wasting their time. But on the other hand I really fear those retired opposition representatives who are endangering the Georgian statehood for the sake of their personal wealth.”
Nodar, Economist, 34

“I feel absolutely unsafe in my own hometown and the entire country but that’s more in a political way. I mean the Georgian Government make so many foolish steps that we would struggle to survive in several years.”
Tamta, Interpreter, 22