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How do you think the so called radical oppositional forces will be able to consolidate in a common action and what do you expect from the May 21st demonstration?

Thursday, May 19
“Nothing’s going to happen. 200-300 people will gather, most of them will be party activists and journalists covering the event and later in the evening they will go back to their homes. That’s it. I do not expect any more revolutions or widespread rallies.”
Nunu, teacher, 50

“I don’t see anything bad about the negotiations between the Georgian Party and the National Council. However, I do not think that even if they manage to unite their forces, they will be able to bring thousands of people to the streets. Everyone is tired of rallies, at least so I think.”
Emzar, salesman, 46

“Every opposition party has its own ambitions, that’s why they are never able to consolidate. This is the problem which weakens them. In addition, they have no clear plan of what to do if they manage to oust Saakashvili. This is another problem. That’s why I do not expect any major changes arising from the May 21 rally.”
Giorgi, lawyer, 30

“Such consolidation would be really very funny… just imagine Gachechiladze and Burjanadze together. Politics is a really wonderful sphere, one day there are two men who have the same attitude and the next day they are enemies. With all of this in mind, just imagine the country being ruled by such people. Now, I can guess the authorities' attitude and why they are not afraid of street rallies, however all this is harmful for people, as such opposition will never be able to protect people’s interests.”
Levan, Writer, 52

“In such cases, generally the opposition parties manage to consolidate, however, unfortunately after such actions they are always separated as each of them think more about their own agenda, than on the country's fate. As for what I expect May 21, nothing special, there would be a demonstration, however there would not be so many people as there were for previous demonstrations of this kind.”
Nugzar, Historian, 35

“To be honest, I am very frightened with such rallies. I am frightened first of all because it might impose destabilization inside the country and secondly Russia might use the chance and enter the country, as if somebody called the Russian authorities for help.”
Nata, Teacher, 28

“I don’t actually have the exact answer to this question because these forces have proved that they can be both devoted friends and then opponents. Moreover I can’t even forecast how the May 21st demonstrations will end for ordinary citizens dreaming of peace.”
Lasha, Lawyer, 31

“I don’t expect anything from that date on a political level. May 21st will be among the most ordinary days for me during my whole lifetime because I have stopped believing in artificial politicians oriented only on their personal wealth. I’m just sorry for us Georgians for having the terrible Government and opposition at the same time.”
Tamta, Translator, 23

“The opposition won’t do anything new as they are unable to do anything positive. The only thing they can do is to scold the Government and nothing else. That’s why if they violate the law police would react appropriately and they would deserve their brutal treatment.”
Nodar, Driver, 44