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How do you think moving the Parliament to Kutaisi will affect the functioning of this body?

Friday, May 20
“To be honest, I cannot understand why the current authorities have made such an absurd decision. This Parliament building in the centre of Tbilisi is a historical building and such an important body as the Parliament is should be in the capital of the country. As for the question, I don’t know how this decision will effect its functions, but I can guess that it really affects our budget, as, to my mind, financing the Parliament members living in Kutaisi would need some additional sums.”
Goga, Economist, 29

“The building would be removed only and not the functions of the body. I don’t think it will have a negative effect on the Parliament’s actions, most important are the people who would be there and not the position of the building.”
Davit, Sociologist, 34

“Well, I think that this step might create some technical problems. The Parliament would be in Kutaisi, the Government and other bodies in Tbilisi… this is unclear for me. I consider that all of the most important bodies should be located in one and the same area.”
Natia, Student, 23

“If the members of parliament want to work effectively, the location of the parliamentary building shouldn’t matter for them to my mind.”
Nino, IR Specialist, 31

“I don't think that such a change will affect anything in terms of their functionality and effectiveness but it will definitely be beneficial for Kutaisi as the town would restore its state importance.”
Nodar, Economist, 24