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Tuesday, May 24
In which region Turk-Meskhetians will settle?

Versia writes that 13 000 Turk-Meskhetians have expressed their willingness to return to Georgia and 5428 statements regarding this issue have already been sent to Georgia. MP from ruling party Nugzar Tsiklauri says that those people lived in the Georgian territory of Meskheti 70 years ago, however the Soviet regime forced them out and they settled in Central Asia.

“This was a crime committed by the Soviet Union towards those people. Now they expressed their will to return to Georgia. We began actively cooperating with the European community and international organizations with established criteria, taking into account Meskhetian Turks return to their historical homeland… believe that the process of European choice is another clear demonstration. There is a lot of free land in Georgia which will be equally distributed to them. So if 10 families settle in Kakheti region, another 10 families will be settled in Guria. I do hope that they will not have any problems with the local population. Their repatriation process will be completed by 2013,” Tsiklauri said.

Residents of village of Mleta live in anticipation of tragedy

Residents of the village of Mleta, Dusheti district, live in anticipation of a tragedy, 24 Hours reports. Namely, the upper Mleta, on the banks of the Aragvi River, faces the prospect of flooding. The Aragvi has already buried several houses in the village.

Georgia has already more than 30 000 eco-migrants. However, Georgian legislation does not recognize the definition of eco-migrant; consequently, the law does not include any provisions of social assistance to them.

It is noteworthy that the UN principles on IDPs oblige any state to care for the-above-mentioned category of citizens.