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How will the protest rallies end? What results are you expecting?

Tuesday, May 24
“I don’t actually want to see any results from the oppositional protest rallies because I only wish for peace in Georgia.”
Keti, Student, 21

“Well I don’t feel there are any protest rallies in our country because the opposition is not united and oriented on particular goals. I mean if they would have been wiser they would have managed to encourage more people to join them for positive changes in Georgia. Everyone feels stressed about the Governmental mistakes but no one wants to listen to a messy opposition.”
Davit, Psychologist, 28

“To be honest, from the beginning my attitude towards the demonstration was not serious, as I did not expect any escalation of the process and a lot of people in the streets. However, those oppositional leaders' statements really made me think. If Okruashvili really manages to return to the country, it means that the opposition has some hidden plan.”
Nugzar, Sociologist, 45

“It is very difficult to forecast something, especially in politics, which is an extremely changeable sphere, however a revolution needs a lot of people in the streets and such an amount of people which would create the threat of revolution in the country is not visible at the moment.”
Guga, Manager, 25

‘I do not think that a revolution will happen in the country, however, to my mind such demonstrations are really needed, the authorities to see their mistakes better and be frightened. The current authorities have made very serious mistakes and people really live in bad conditions, if Government wants to stay in power, it should act differently, otherwise the wave of protest would be increased and not on the contrary.”
Nodar, Journalist, 29