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AGRI the most viable project among the possible ones

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, May 25
Sabit Bagirov, former head of the Azeri state oil company, thinks that the AGRI project is more realistic and viable than NABUCCO and South Stream projects. As it is known the AGRI project envisages transporting Azeri gas to Georgia’s Black Sea coast line where it would be liquefied and transported to Romania where it again will be transformed into natural gas and transported onward to the rest of Europe. The factories liquefying and de-liquefying the natural gas are to be built in Georgia and Romania. But even in this case the project is cheaper than NABUCCO and there are so far no concerns regarding gas supply. AGRI involves Azerbaijan, Georgia and Romania but recently Hungary expressed its interest towards joining the project and it looks like there is interest from other countries as well.