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Do you trust the current Georgian leadership?

Wednesday, May 25
“I do not trust them as they could not manage to fulfill their main promises. Georgian people have to live in very hard economic conditions. People have to leave the country to earn their living. Most of our citizens are unemployed or have very low salaries, when prices on products and communal fees are increasing.”
Gia, Economist, 54

“I partially trust them. When they state that very soon Georgia would reintegrate its lost territories I do not trust in them, as this is a lie. I do not trust in them when they state that Georgia’s economy is advancing. However there are fields in which they really achieved success.”
Tamuna, Manager, 26

“To be honest, in general, I do not trust politicians. They always state one thing and do another. I do not trust in current authorities as the facts and reality show that most of our citizens are unsatisfied, but I can't see any force in the country, which can do better.”
Lela, Housewife, 34

“No, I definitely don’t trust the current Georgian leadership because they have already made so many mistakes which are absolutely unacceptable on a national and international level. What’s most embarrassing is that they are still continuing to follow their mistakes and I wish Georgia would overcome the danger of its final devastation.”
Grigol, Pensioner, 69

“I try to find the positive challenges from our Government but all in vain. I mean it’s really encouraging to feel the European and US support towards the democratization of our country but I just wonder why our authorities can’t solve their internal problems. It is more important to have support from your citizens than the international organizations aimed at making their own scores through promotion of our “success story.”
Irina, Sociologist, 24