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Azerbaijan controversial about NABUCCO project

By Messenger Staff
Monday, May 30
The President of the Azeri state oil company Rovnag Abdulaev stated on May 24 that Azerbaijan can provide gas to Europe not only through a pipeline but through other means as well. He mentioned that Azerbaijan is discussing other possible ways to provide Europe with gas in response to the NABUCCO project memorandum which should be signed by participating countries on June 6 in Turkey. The Azeri side also mentioned that it has been advised by the Europeans to accelerate the process of its joining of the NABUCCO project. The Azeris however want to make certain that the deal is for them. MP Rasim Musabekov mentioned the possibility of transporting Azeri gas to Europe in a different way and he mentioned the AGRI project as one of the viable possibilities. Musabekov also mentioned that Azerbaijan expects the political support of Europe in regards to the Karabakh problem.