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Monday, May 30
Confrontation in Tbilisi City Hall

There was confrontation at a sitting session of Tbilisi City Hall as a result of which all opposition members of City Hall left the hall, 24 Hours reports.

Confrontation began when opposition suggested the creation of a special commission which would investigate the events which occurred on May 26 when the police dispersed protest rally participants in the centre of Tbilisi. The initiator of this offer was Republican member Tina Khidasheli: ”there was a crackdown on peaceful protesters. This was a special operation of punishment and that’s why a special commission should be created which will study in detail what happened in front of parliament,” Khidasheli said.

Opposition members think that City Hall is obliged to interfere in such cases in order to prevent such unpleasant scenes from happening in the capital of Georgia.

Head of City Hall Zaal Samadashvili and members of the ruling party said that the committee of Human Rights already exist in city hall so as it can investigate all such events. However Christian – Democrat Zaza Gabunia said that this committee is not able to investigate this event.

Spanish language standard for schools created

National Curriculum and Assessment Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia has developed the standard of Spanish language, 24 Hours reports. First Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia Koka Sepherteladze and Director of National Curriculum and Assessment Center Natia Jokhadze held the briefing on this issue.

The standard of Spanish language has been developed by the experts of the Center along with Spanish language specialists. The working group has created Spanish language programs for schoolchildren of primary and secondary levels.

The Spanish language standard is in compliance with Foreign Languages Standard of the National Curriculum and Assessment Center.

The Center is now developing standards of other foreign languages such as Italian and Turkish.