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Is it necessary to create a special commission to investigate the May 26 protest rally break up?

Monday, May 30
“No, it would not be reasonable to create a special commission since a similar commission was launched in November 2007 when police dispersed a peaceful protest rally and has brought no results so far.”
Marika, teacher, 37

“Yes it would be the right decision to create a commission which will work on this because I do not think that police will investigate this event adequately as it serves the president and will not be unbiased.”
Gvantsa, student, 21

“What happened on May 26 was a terrible massacre against the people. The Ministry of Internal Affairs has taken the great responsibility of dismissing the peaceful civilians and their clash sacrificed people. Most TV stations report how Burjanadze’s car killed a policemen and accused her of a crime while no one blames the special task groups of killing innocent people deliberately.”
Davit, IR Specialist, 28

“I don’t think it is necessary to create a new commission oriented on May 26 related issues because I think there are enough organizations working in the field of human rights and they can coordinate with law enforcers in investigating the tragedy.”
Sandro, Writer, 22

“Why does anyone need to investigate how Burjanadze’s drunken protesters opposed the police. Everything had been under the legal frames without any easing circumstances. A couple of years of imprisonment, several thousand of GEL-penalty and they will learn a good lesson. That’s all.”
Anna, Economist, 25

“I do not need any special commission because I saw everything with my own eyes. Those who committed crimes must be punished according to the law.”
Nika, sportsman, 27