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Tuesday, May 31
Patsatsia: Saakashvili’s face changed when I told it

One of the founders of the organization “Ratom” (why), Davit Patsatsia, recalled an incident involving the president of Georgia that took place in Marjanishvili theatre on May 27, in an interview with paper Kviris Palitra.

“I decided not to sit in the hall where the President would be. When I left Marjanishvili Theater, everything was closed; there were snipers on the roofs. I was standing in the exit when the President’s convoy stopped. The President was crossing the street with a happy face, with fast steps from TBC bank. When he approached me I told him directly, “you are a murderer, rascal, inhuman and you will be responsible for what you did on 26 May”. You should have seen his face, his smiley self-satisfied face changed instantly. Body guards rushed for me and pushed me into the car”, Davit Patsatsia says. He says that nobody abused him in the police station.

“A policeman accused me in court while making a protocol of detention and denounced that I was violating order, resisted police and that was the reason for my arrest”, Patsatsia said.

He says that he demanded video footages of TBC bank and supermarket “Ioli” to prove the false evidence given by the police, though the judge didn’t satisfy the demand.

“Then they would have to raise the issue of the policeman’s responsibility, that’s why I was announced guilty for resisting police and hooliganism, though I only received a verbal warning”, Patsatsia said.

Davit Patsatsia’s friend Vakhtang Maisuradze, who was accompanying him during the incident, was sentenced to 90-days in prison, and Giorgi Lapiashvili was fined GEL 400.

Earthquake hits Georgia`s South-Eastern border

On May 30 an earthquake occurred on the Georgian-Azerbaijani border, 24 Hours reports. The epicentre of the earthquake was six kilometers away from the Georgian border, on the Azeri side. According to Ilia University seismological centre, a magnitude-4 earthquake occurred at 04:06 Tbilisi time.

The quakes have not caused any serious damage to buildings in the region.