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Should Bitsadze and Burjanadze be held accountable on May 26 events?

Tuesday, May 31
“I think not only Burjanadze-Bitsadze but the MIA as well. As a matter of a fact I don’t trust the information released by the police about the planned large-scale coordination between Bitsadze and the other former officials residing in Russian Federation. Saakashvili’s regime has been telling so many lies to the Georgian society that I don’t believe any of their claims about the planned armed operation against the Georgian Government.”
Mikheil, dentist, 39

“I am not a prosecutor and it is not up to me to decide, however I think an investigation should be launched by all means. The authorities should, however, make sure that the investigation is fair.”
Nazi, nurse, 57

“Everyone who is guilty of the killing and beating up of the people on May 26 should be held accountable, including the authorities, as well as the representatives of the opposition. Rule of law means that justice is applied to everyone equally.”
Irakli, student, 23

“First of all the Interior Ministry officials and officers should be held accountable, because most of the responsibility lies on the officials first. However, the investigation should also look into the case of Burjanadze and her husband. They are not angels.”
Irma, unemployed, 40

“I think yes they are really accountable for what happened that night because they should have been aware of the military confrontation from MIA. It was an absolutely unwise decision to continue rallying in front of the Parliament on the Day of Independence – they knew that the parade would have been held and they should have stepped back.”
Meri, teacher, 44

“We, Georgians have one most terrible habit – we always try to make an elephant from a fly. I mean the special task groups have committed more crime on May 26 night and we still continue seeking justification for their aggression. Maybe it was Nino Burjanadze who had encouraged everyone to stay at Rustaveli Avenue but I’m sure she, along with all the other protesters only wanted to make the entire Georgia see how we are not afraid of the arms and can fight for our freedom. That’s why I would like to address the Georgian President to be wiser with his people and find mistakes in his “bloody” policy.”
Ilia, Lawyer, 27