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If the Public Assembly were to re-launch protest rallies would people join them again?

Wednesday, June 1
“These rallies brought nothing except difficulties and disorder in the country. I think people have already understood that they should not take part in protest demonstrations.”
Tina, teacher, 56

“I am at a great loss just like most of the society. On the one hand I can’t get used to the fact that Nino Burjanadze, former Parliamentary Chairwoman, is now leading the Representative Public Assembly in order to withdraw Mikheil Saakashvili – her former team member. While on the other hand I can see how brutally the special task groups had beaten my relatives and neighbors and other unknown citizens fighting for a better future. I don’t know whether people would stand together with the Assembly or not but I know how respectful the founders of the Assembly are and how they really love their country.”
Ninia, Musician, 23

“I doubt that people would join the oppositional rallies any more. Having faced the brutal reality at Rustaveli Avenue people would simply feel unsafe. Everyone loves life however poor he or she is and everyone cares for their relatives! That’s why the MIA servicemen have given people a good lesson how “disobedience" of the current authoritarian regime is being punished.”
Mamuka, Driver, 42

“Not really, because as it has been shown that they had close cooperation with Russia and I have no wish Russians to control my country, in addition after the disastrous war in 2008. However I would join the rally which will be against violence in Georgia and where we, ordinary people would condemn police’s action how they break up rally. We are astonished when foreigners fight against us but we should strongly condemn and express our sorrow or protest when our people beat and treat us in such violent way.”
Maiko, nurse, 46

“If I remember well these Assembly only aimed at uniting ordinary people tired with Saakashvili’s evilness. The founders of the movement are our so much beloved public faces and I must say I have attended several of their mass meetings in Tbilisi. But unfortunately after Nino Burjanadze had joined them everything has changed from the top to bottom. I mistrust Burjanadze for her past faults because everyone should pay for the own crimes. The only thing I can say is that I would continue supporting the movement if Burjanadze leaves the Assembly – let us - the ordinary citizens define the fate of our country!”
Lamara, Housewife, 38

“Yes, they will because Burjanadze is a real revolutionary that inspires people for a regime change, besides, she is a real patriot and the best candidate to replace Misha.”
Levan, student, 20