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How do you and your children celebrate International Children’s day? Is there any tradition in your family?

Thursday, June 2
“My son is just 5 months old but his dad bought him new shoes and toys yesterday. In the morning we also were in the park and have a walk. When he grows up we will have more opportunity to spend this day in a cheerful atmosphere.”
Nino, teacher, 25

“I am happy as I have two cute daughters, twins. My spouse and I always try to make them cheerful but on children’s day we surprise them and spend all day with them in Mtastsminda park where many entertainment events were held.”
Marika, manager, 29

“Unfortunately I could not take my family to any other place where we could spend children’s day because of my busy schedule, however I bought a gift for my two children and wished them a happy childhood. I would like to wish he same to all children. They are the most valuable things in our life.”
Shota, financial consultant, 34

“I do not have my own baby but I am a mom of many children. I love children very much and I always feel happy when I help them when their health condition is not good. I wish each of them to be healthy and happy!”
Natalia, pediatrician, 41

“Unfortunately we don’t have any family traditions for that day. That's perhaps because me and my sister are both adults and don’t take much interest in such festivals any more. But I’m sure we will both make this date one of the most special festivals for our future children.”
Marekh, Student, 19

“Well I have two small sisters who are always anxious to join various concerts and festivals on June 1. We have been celebrating this date for such a long time that I think they have visited all the places of interest all around Tbilisi and it’s high time that we would start traveling throughout the country for our adventure.”
Nino, Sociologist, 25

“I have recently become a father and I am extremely proud of that. I’m sure I’ll be among the greatest dad’s all around the world and make this date unforgettable for my son.”
Nikoloz, Lawyer, 27