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Monday, June 6
Patriarch preached about relations between people

The Catholicos Patriarch of Georgia Ilia the Second talked about relations between people on the Sunday service at St. Trinity Temple.

The Patriarch says that there are frequent cases of youths killing each other, or mothers killing fathers, or fathers killing children. “It is a sign of spiritual degradation. We must ask God to open our minds. I want to say that there are people who have been devoted to God and people. Such people are among us and I want to award Father Iokime Asatiani with the St. George Gold order, his life was full of troubles”, Ilia the second said.

Ilia the Second blessed several Georgian surnames: Khachidze, Tskhakaia, Kharbedia, Javelidze and Kervalishvili. He also blessed the unity of “Disabled Children”.

U.S. congresspersons visit Kakheti Region of Eastern Georgia

Members of the House of Representatives of U.S. arrived in Tbilisi on Saturday to attend the premiere of '5 Days of August' held in Georgia`s capital on Sunday evening.

Early on Sunday morning, the 40-member group of congressmen traveled from Tbilisi to Kakheti in Eastern Georgia.

The U.S. congressmen visited the Monastery of St. Nino in Bodbe and the town of Sighnaghi. The congresspersons are expected to meet the single-mandate MP from Sighnaghi and local residents there.

The U.S. congresspersons are members of the Partnership for Democracy organization, which along with Georgia cooperates with 13 other countries of the world.

The organization aims to support the development of efficient and independent legislative institutions.
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Delegation of Georgia`s Foreign Ministry visits Cuba

Cuba’s Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez Parrilla met last Thursday morning in Havana with his Georgian counterpart Grigol Vashadze who was visiting the island.

The official conversation between the two ministers focused on the current state of relations between their countries and international issues.

During the meeting, Rodriguez Parrilla and Vashadze reiterated their desire to work for the development and strengthening of bonds between Georgia and Cuba.

The visitor was accompanied by Georgia’s respective ambassadors to Cuba and Spain; director of the Americas Department of Georgia’s Foreign Ministry; Deputy Media Director; and head of the Foreign Ministry’s Secretariat.

Attending the meeting on the Cuban side were the Deputy Foreign Minister and other officials of the Ministry.

At the meeting, Grigol Vashadze discussed with his Cuban counterpart the ongoing reforms in Georgia and the current situation in the region as well as Georgia's occupied regions.

After the official meeting, a reception for Georgia`s delegation was held in the Foreign Ministry.
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New de-facto Abkhaz president to be announced soon

The date on which the next de-facto president of Abkhazia will be confirmed shall be declared next week, chairperson of Abkhazian people’s Assembly Viacheslav Tsugba told Interfax about it.

He explains that the parliament must announce presidential elections no later than 15 days after expiration of presidential authority.

Abkhazia’s de-facto President Sergey Baghapsh died from lung cancer on May 29 in one of the clinics of Moscow.

Georgia`s first ambassador presents his credentials to president of Portugal

Georgia`s first ambassador presented his credentials to the president of Portugal. After the ceremony, Giorgi Gorgiladze met with Anibal Cavaco Silva where the pair talked about the significance of the opening of Georgia`s embassy in Lisbon.

It was said at the meeting that the move would assist the development of relations between the two countries.

The Georgian ambassador gave detailed information to the Portuguese President about the current situation and ongoing reforms in Georgia.
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