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Tuesday, June 7
Reports say 1.5 million GEL was raised at charity event

'Our country was attacked and bombed by a large neighbour. As a rule, a country and its people need a long time to recover from such a problem. However, Georgia got to its feet with great optimism and bravery to build democracy in the country’, President Mikheil Saakashvili said after the premiere of the 5 Days of August on Sunday.

According to film director Renny Harlin, he shed tears twice during the premiere despite the fact that he had already watched the film.

He said he was proud of being the producer of a film about Georgia and the Georgians.

Andy Garcia was also emotional while talking about the film. According to him, the reaction from people in the cinema hall affected him deeply.

After the premiere, the Hollywood stars and guests moved to the Rustaveli theatre, where a charity supper was held. The supper was attended by President Mikheil Saakashvili and First Lady Sandra Roelofs.

The supper was also attended by Sharon Stone and many businessmen. Invitations cost from 5,000 to 10,000 GEL.

Reports say 1.5 million GEL was raised by the event.

Putin demanded acceleration of Roki tunnel reconstruction

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin ordered the appropriate ministries to "take into consideration" his suggestion about speeding up the Roki tunnel reconstruction. The tunnel connects Russia with so called South Ossetia.

The Ossetian media reports that at this time they are only at the first phase of the reconstruction works. According to the established plan, the tunnel reconstruction is to be accomplished in 2016. The first phase of reconstruction is scheduled to finish in October before the second phase begins before the end of the year. This was announced during a teleconference. He underlined the huge importance of the Roki tunnel.

‘We understand well what great importance this tunnel has for Russia's Northern Caucasus and for South Ossetia this is a vitally important route. We will finance the necessary works and you have to carry out the job to a high standard", - Putin said.

Vice PM met with British Defense Minister

Vice Prime Minister of Georgia Giorgi Baramidze discussed international security issues and collaboration in international security activities at a meeting with the Defense Minister of Great Britain Mr. Gerald Howarth yesterday. The sides also discussed support for the process of Georgia`s integration into NATO and the European Union.

`Great Britain is our significant partner and a very good friend, which supports not only our territorial integrity and sovereignty, but the country's democratic development and its integration into NATO and EU. Today we are discussing many aspects of international security and defense,` Giorgi Baramidze said.

The British Minister thanked the Georgian government for participating in the ISAF mission.
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Lasha Chkartishvili put in ten-day custody, the Batiashvilis fined 400 GEL

Police detained Conservative trio Lasha Chkhartishvili, Irina Batiashvili and Maia Batiashvili (family members of Irakli Batiashvili) for an attempt to stage a protest on Rustaveli Avenue on Sunday 5 June.

The trial of the detainees was held yesterday where Tbilisi City Court sentenced Lasha Chkartishvili to ten-days in custody, while the Batiashvilis were fined 400 GEL for resisting police and minor hooliganism.

Irakli Batiashvili, one of the leaders of the People’s Assembly, were also fined 500 GEL for an incident at the Tbilisi City Court.

The detainees were trying to stage a protest regarding the premiere of '5 Days of August' in front of the Parliament yesterday.

The protesters had posters saying “August Days are a holiday for Saakashvili, but a tragedy for Georgia”.

The premier of Renny Harlin’s film 5 Days of August was held at the Rustaveli cinema on Sunday.

Amnesty to be enforced on ID rigging

The citizens, who forged their ID documents from January 1st, 2007, will be given a chance to be freed of criminal responsibility soon. The government will announce an amnesty on rigged ID documents soon. The draft law will be adopted in a few days and the citizens, who have fraudulent IDs or passports, will be able to submit applications at the House of Justice until December 31, 2012. The citizens of Georgia, who had forged their ID documents until the announced date and who currently reside abroad, will be able to submit relevant applications at Georgian embassies.
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Speaker to hold meetings in Romania

The speaker of the Georgian parliament Davit Bakradze has left for Romania together with the delegation of lawmakers. Davit Bakradze will discuss cooperation with the Romanian parliament at the negotiations with the chairperson of the Romanian Senate. The speaker will also hold meetings with the Romanian Prime Minister and Patriarch.

From Bucharest, Bakradze will head to London, where meetings with the speaker of the House of Commons and the British Foreign Minister will be held.
(Rustavi 2)