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[Directed at schoolchildren)

How did you do in the school leaving tests? Are you satisfied with exam conditions? Do you think it is necessary to take such tests before leaving school?

Tuesday, June 7
“It was much easier than I had expected. I was very worried about my chemistry exam, because I am not good at this subject, but everything ended well. Now I am looking forward to my entrance exams. I am planning to become a lawyer.”
Kato, pupil, 17

“I think there was no point of holding these additional exams at school as the threshold was so low. They made us nervous for no reason.”
Levan, pupil, 18

“It was very easy. They say it will be more difficult next year, so I think I was lucky to graduate in 2011. Hopefully the entrance exams will be as easy as well, however I doubt that it will be so.”
Maiko, pupil, 17

“To say the truth, I had thought it would be more difficult, however it turned out quite easy for me, as I studied all subjects quite well. I think that such types of tests are really needed, as there were only some subjects, students had paid attention to and all the rest were ignored.”
Lana, Entrant, 16

“It was neither very difficult nor easy, however I have managed to pass them, there were only some students in my class, who could not get a certificate. It would be more acceptable if the tests were easier.”
Nodar, Entrant, 18

“Before the exams I was really frightened especially when after the school exams we will have University ones and all this made me nervous, however I am really content with the results and I am less frightened about University exams now. Such exams are important, to my mind, as education level at schools is very low.”
Natia, Entrant, 17

“I found the tests quite easy because I had been preparing for them for the entire year. It is always difficult to tackle obstacles for the first time in your life but when you overcome all the barriers everything goes ok. I hope I’ll have the same success at the united National Exams because I will be upset to lose a whole year and miss university.”
Natia, Entrant, 19

“Unfortunately I failed in my school-leaving tests and I feel really nervous about it! I have finally found out that education is an absolutely necessary part of our future success and I will do my best to train better for the next year and obtain the minimum level of competence. It would be silly for me to claim how good it is to have such exams before leaving the school because I would have definitely preferred not to do so, but rules must be obeyed and nothing can be done about this at all!”
Beso, Entrant, 18